Only in Italy would I have this sugary, fattening breakfast. I love what are called jambella (phonetic spelling for someone who speaks no Italian). I became addicted to them during my last stint in Rome. Basically, it’s a humongous doughnut dusted with sugar. Carb city people!

But with a strong and smooth cappuccino, well there’s nothing better. I have learnt though that you don’t have a cappuccino here in Italy after 11.00am. That is frowned on. The Italians (so it’s been explained to me) believe that a milk-based drink, such as a cappuccino, does not help the digestive process. So you can have a water-based coffee but not a cappuccino.

If this digestive business is the reason, I don’t really understand why Italians think it’s okay to chase a large sugared doughnut (or any other breakfast pastry) down with a hot milk-based drink at breakfast time. After 11.00am, the Italians are somewhat outraged by foreigners who want to end their meal with a cappuccino. I slipped up last weekend and ordered a cappuccino around 3.00pm. I was met with a stare and a raised eyebrow – but the waiter trotted back with my cappuccino.

I join the Italians at breakfast time and scoff some carbs followed by a cappuccino (or two). But now that I’m about to move into an apartment (news on this soon), I will resume my normal cereal-based breakfast.