I’ve always had a thing for Pringles. Sour cream and onion particularly. Recently, I’ve discovered hot and spicy BBQ (at least I think that’s what it’s called back in New Zealand). I do try to avoid Pringles as much as humanly possible though. Carb city, cholesterol city, salt-overload city. You name it.

But the other day, I was craving some junk food and trotted off to a local supermarket in the Aventino area here in Rome. I not only found my beloved sour cream and onion but also a flavour I’ve not seen before and must be for the Italian market: rosemary and olive oil. I seem to have picked up some soccer-related Pringles tin with the sour cream and onion flavour – they are called Pringoooals.

I also bought a cereal I became fairly well addicted to last year in Rome – Kellogg’s Extra Mix di Frutta – which is kind of like muesli packed with chunky bits of fruit. To die for. I can’t get this cereal back in New Zealand so am busy stuffing my face every morning with it. That is when I’m not stuffing my face with ciambella.