As you know, dear reader, I’ve been having all sorts of dramas here in Rome. They are not of my own making I promise. I just seem to be having a run of not-so-great luck whilst here. That or it’s a very long full moon. I’ve had accommodation dramas, ankle dramas, fingernail dramas, allergic dermatitis dramas and now….the hair drama. But let me save THE HAIR for another post.

For today is all about the French. Two doctors here in Rome examined my foot. One said it’s just a bad sprain; the other declared I’d torn two ligaments and had a hematoma. That doctor is French so it was delivered in a very matter-of-fact tone. But….he didn’t tell me about a miracle French cream for bruises and traumas.

My French colleague at work here in Rome came to the rescue. We went to her casale in Umbria again this past weekend. Just the two of us – a girl’s weekend. Very relaxing. And she brought along Hemoclar cream. Its active ingredient is Pentosan Sulphuric Polyester in a concentration of 0.500% – what the? All very mysterious sounding. Don’t like the thought of the sulphuric polyester business.

But heck who cares – because it basically cured my foot! The theory (so my colleague told me) is that this cream draws out congealed blood (and this is basically what a hematoma is) and disperses it. I was somewhat dubious but on Saturday evening she spread a thick layer over the badly bruised area on the outer side of my right foot. This soaked in overnight and, next morning, I woke up to the find the whole bruise had shifted to the upper part of my foot, just beneath the big toe. Weird to say the least.

More cream throughout the day and my foot started to be flexible again and the pain was diminishing. By night time (so about 36 hours later), the bruise had moved to just below my right ankle. Monday morning, I was ready to run a marathon. Well, not quite. The only part that is still sore is the ankle and if I slightly twist my foot to the right – ouch. Aside from this, I developed allergic dermatitis to the bandages you can see in the photos in a previous post. Honestly, I’m waiting for the earth to open up and swallow me as I walk down a Rome street in the very near future!

In the meantime, I’ve now literally ordered by step-son, who is French and due in New Zealand in June, to rush into a chemist in Bordeaux where he lives and bring with him tubes of Hemoclar. A miracle product.

You can see the dermatitis – all the red bits. Eew! And the large spot is skin healing. It was grazed when I fell over on one of Rome’s cobblestoned streets.

Hemoclar – a miracle French product!!!

Know idea what this says. Who cares! It cured my foot.