My new obsession! I dined at a local trattoria the other night. The main meals were pretty ordinary fare: pizza, pasta and meat dishes. I decided to sample pollo alla Romana con peperoni or Roman chook with peppers. Frankly, I think I could have cooked this better and that’s saying something because I can’t cook. There was nothing actually wrong with the dish; it was just blah. Bland. And swimming in way too much olive oil for my liking. The baked peppers were tasty though.

But the dessert! I’m going back to this joint just for the dessert. I can’t recall the name of it in Italian – I’ll find out. (UPDATE: I can now tell you it’s called Sbriciolata di Millefoglie). Basically, it’s the Italian version of Mille-feuille. Too die for. Light, crispy, sweet but not too sweet. Dusted with icing sugar. What’s Italian for ooh-la-la? Or for YUMMO?!! Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. One of my regular readers will totally understand this.

Roman chook swimming in oil, with baked peppers.

My new obsession! Yummo! Delish!!!