So excited about this! Makeup obsessives will understand. I spotted a makeup range I’ve never heard of: EuPhidra. It’s Italian and I didn’t see it when I lived in Rome during 2011. Possibly because I was side-tracked by Revitage, Collistar, Deborah Milano and Kiko – all fabulous Italian makeup brands.

I came across EuPhidra in a pharmacy and was testing a bronzer. I picked up a large brush to apply the bronzer and fell in LURVE. Soooooooooooo soft. So effortless to fluff the bronzer on. And then the blushes – I saw a gorgeous matte light pecan colour. Had to try; then had to buy. Will post a review soon but am so excited about the brush as I’ve been looking for a beautiful soft one for quite some time. Let’s hope EuPhidra doesn’t disappoint.

I also tested some great eyeshadows from Yves Rocher. I remember they had a shop in Sydney, at the entrance to Centrepoint, back in the 1990s. I used to buy a lot of Yves Rocher – no idea why they disappeared from Oz. When I was in Paris for meetings in 2000 or so, I bought a fantastic Yves Rocher chocolate body wash that I still remember with fondness.

Anyway. I have my eye on a rose pink eyeshadow and a pale gold one. Not to mention a few other items but am being somewhat restrained. For the moment…..

Super soft brush is contained inside.

Blush colour BC01 Ambra.

Unbelievably soft!