My great Aussie mate will agree with me – ice-cream is an essential food group in life. More so if you chuck in some fruit pieces because then you boost the Vitamin C content. Naturally, I have assigned myself the task of sampling the gelato of Rome. When my Oz mate visited me in Rome last year, we hoofed it to Giolitti, via Uffici del Vicario, 40 – just a short walk from the Pantheon. Despite her being around 6 months preggers at the time (how the heck did THAT happen?!) and schlepping around in the August heat, we tasted the heavenly delights of Giolitti gelato.

I believe I may have found gelato that equals Giolitti and it’s here in Testaccio. I’ve only sampled it once so must of course return to verify my suspicion. But when I was showing my Kiwi mate around the Colosseum the other day, we stopped off at a cafe that looks down on this historic site. Great gelato although a tad expensive at Euro 33.00 for two people (or NZ$54.00) for a bowl of three flavours. I had coffee-flavour; bounty (laced with bits of a Bounty choc bar); and stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate shavings). Top this off with lashings of whipped cream, chocolate syrup and an ice-cream cone and you have lunch as far as I’m concerned. Or dinner or breakfast.