These Italians are at it again. Last year whilst living in Rome for a couple of months, I commented that the Italians pay great attention to detail when it comes to window displays. Not to mention they have such a great sense of style.

So I was cruising around the Spanish Steps area the other day. I might have been in Via Frattina, not sure. I spotted some windows full of sparkling things and, like a moth to the flame, I was quickly pressing my nose up against the window. We Taureans are attracted by anything that smacks of glitz or bling. I was met with amazing window displays full of costume jewellery. I’ve seen a couple of shops so far that offer very good quality costume jewellery, which the Italians are so very good at.

I mean just look at some of the stuff in the photos below. All tastefully arranged. Frankly, the window displays caused me to hyperventilate. How to choose anything dear reader? I chose nothing because I am remaining steadfast in my resolve to try and be as frugal as possible.

I’ll probably kick myself years from now when I look back on these and other photos; and ask myself why I didn’t buy that fabulous, glittering piece of Italian costume jewellery? But somehow I can’t imagine myself wearing some fake rock on a New Zealand farm whilst feeding horses. Unless I have some hay sticking out of it – that would make it more farm-like.