Speaking of window displays as I was in my last post, I did two days of walking around Rome last weekend. I really wasn’t quite up to it considering my ankle/foot still swells up and is sore when I turn it to the right (which I don’t intentionally do I must add). But my philosophy is this (and it was my father’s too) – if you act sick, you are sick.

So as soon as I could walk reasonably normally on my right foot, without hobbling around like some old granny, I decided I would get out and walk. Simply ignore the whole thing and get on with it. At the end of the day, my foot was a bit swollen around the ankle area and a tad sore but is getting better.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I wanted to show you some more window displays. The Italians are so very good at styling things. Not just themselves but shop display windows too. Items are thoughtfully displayed in colour groupings or positioned at just the right angle. Below are photos of two displays that caught my eye. One is a shoe shop that had THE most stunning glitzy pink shoes and matching bag; the other shows a panther statue adorned with a diamante collar and sporting a snake-skin patterned shoe in its mouth.

It’s this attention to detail that I think sets the Italians apart. Sorry New Zealand: but I’ve yet to see a window display that is even half way as good as the Italians can do.

I’ll have those pink sparkly shoes and matching bag. Oh and the silver ones on the right too.