Hubby is a freak. He can lose weight literally over-night. And that’s just what he’s been doing. After I left for Italy in late-April, he decided to start a detox and then cut down on food and alcohol.

A bit over one month later, he has lost around 8 kgs. Let me repeat: 8 friggin’ kilos! It would take me eight months to shift eight kilos but not my freak of a husband. He told me over Skype that he lost 3 kilos overnight. Just like that. Hate him.

He is now embarking on a weight-lifting regime. El Hubs (as I like to call him) is over 182 centimetres (or 6 feet) and when he lifts weights, he beefs up fast.

Me, on the other hand, I have to keep strict control over what I eat. I have a sweet tooth. I could live on just ice-cream and chocolate (what? you mean these aren’t essential food groups?!). And I can literally gain a kilo overnight.

So when El Hubs was telling me in a recent Skype chat that he has lost 8 kilos, I nearly fell off the perch as they say. Check out the look on my face in the screenshot below. And check out his look – is that gloating I see?!