Well, I’ve moved on from the gelato (sort of). I have a new obsession and it’s called Occhi di Bue (or Bull’s Eye). I mentioned, in a recent post, that this Italian biscuit had caught my eye and vowed to road test it for you dear reader. The sacrifices I make for my readership of two people!

What I didn’t realise was that when you order the large Occhi di Bue (which has apricot, marmalade or Nutella filling) you must say Occhi di Bue grande. Otherwise, you end up with the tiny little morsel that was my first Occhi di Bue. I guess it’s called Occhi di Bue piccolo.

Basically, Occhi di Bue is two large butter cookies slapped together with filling and dusted with icing sugar. Or one end is dipped in chocolate.

My first taste was the piccolo version and the filling was apricot jam (or albicocca). Yummo! It’s kind of like shortbread but fluffier and lighter. I feared the jam might make things sickly sweet but nope, everything was in perfect balance. I suspect you can fill the two cookies with whatever you want – strawberry jam would be lovely. And using a cookie cutter, you could have them in heart-shapes, animal shapes and so on.

In fact, I searched for a recipe in English because I am so obsessed with Occhi di Bue that I want to master making them on my return to NZ. I found a great recipe here and plan to enjoy them with a wonderful coffee from my lime green Pixie Nespresso machine. Despite the wonderful cappuccinos here in Rome, I really miss my Nespresso!

Occhi di Bue grande.