What is it with snow and Rome? Last year, I was in Rome working and it snowed while I was away. About 22 centimetres of snow. That was around August 15 or 16 last year. Coming from Sydney, where I was more used to hot, humid days, snow is still an exciting novelty for me.

So this year I was secretly pleased to be in Rome during May and June. I thought this was a rather cunning plan actually. Beat the brutal heat of July/August (which I suffered through last year) and get back to New Zealand in time for fluffy white snow in July. Well, that cunning plan has been foiled dear reader!

Quite unexpectedly, Oxford experienced an early snowstorm on June 5. Around 70 centimetres according to El Hubs – although I’m sure he’s exaggerating. What he’s clearly not exaggerating is the angle of the snowflakes. He thought it odd that they were falling straight down (as opposed to at a slant).

Apparently, this is due to the storm not being accompanied by any wind and basically hanging directly over the Canterbury area where we live. According to a report, Canterbury became the battleground for cold and warm air masses. All too scientific for me. I just know that I could see a lot of white stuff all over our front yard as I was talking to El Hubs via Skype around 6.30am that morning.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa were apparently running around like lunatics in the snow. Last year, during a snowfall, they were at their breeder’s so were toasty and warm inside their kennel. Guess snow is a novelty for them too.

This snowfall was pretty early in the winter season. I’m hoping that we get snow in July or August as the property is magical and silent when it’s covered with snow. Of course, you then have to suffer the melting snow and crappy mud but there’s something so eerily beautiful about snow don’t you think?

I’m hoping these plants (which we recently planted in their pots) are okay after the snow dump.

Zsa Zsa was apparently besotted with the snow & running around like a mad thing. I couldn’t help laughing at her.

You can see the electricity wires have come down due to the weight of the snow. These lines power the stables.

Snow on roof of house. We have a very steep roof as do most houses in Canterbury – to withstand the weight of snow.

El Hubs points to one of my horses standing under the shelter of a tree. I think it’s Rosie.

Hilarious! Little Zsa Zsa still playing in the snow with her ears flapping.

Zsa Zsa.

My step-son, Stephane, who’s French and visiting from Bordeaux tells me about the snowstorm.

The front yard – like a Christmas Wonderland.