I’m on a roll now that it’s my last three weeks in Rome before heading home to New Zealand. After yesterday’s vintage handbag post, I moved straight on to snapping up some caramel brown leather boots. But these boots aren’t made for walking; they’re for riding.

I have Dublin riding boots for when I get on a horse but, I must say, they are a pain to get into. I need new boots for the winter in NZ anyway and have you ever bought shoes in New Zealand? Man, they can be expensive. I was looking at a pair of boots in Christchurch, just before winging it here to Rome, and they were NZ $186.00. From memory, they were made in China and nothing spectacular. Overlanders can set you back NZ $300+. So I’m still wearing the black boots I bought in South Africa in 2006.

A small shop here in Testaccio had a few boots left from their winter collection. Summer is, of course, in full swing in Rome now. Normally, I’d go for black or dark chocolate-coloured boots but at Euro 79.00 (or around NZ $128.00 on the day I bought them) I didn’t give a hoot really about the colour. They are made in Italy from soft Italian leather. The inside lining is a funky kind of 1960’s pattern.

I’m hoping to ride in these boots as well as get a heap of wear out of them for years to come. They’ll certainly bring back fond memories of my time living in Testaccio.