I can report a piece of good news. After all my dramas here in Rome, including my recent creepy hand drama, I am pleased to say my fingernail has grown back completely.

Remember? I ripped it off (literally) the day after my arrival in Rome. I was wrestling with my Italian Roncato-brand suitcase – one of the outer locks was being stubborn. The lock suddenly flew open taking a large chunk of fingernail off the index finger of my left hand. A bit of blood and a lot of dancing around the hotel room with swearing on my part.

The first few days were tough. The fingernail was throbbing but the worst part was realising just how much you use index fingers. Because the skin underneath the nail bed was freshly exposed, it was tender. Even washing my hair was an ouch experience.

I was intrigued though. How much would it grow back by the time I said arrivederci Roma on June 30? Well, it’s totally grown back already and it’s just hit mid-June. What a legend this fingernail is. It’s now the same length as my other nails on the left hand. This is what my nail looked like on May 1:

And this is what it looks like now.

Awesome dude! Fingernail on index finger has grown back!