Back to the ongoing ankle drama. To read up on how I went splat, in front of some Italians and tore two ligaments in my right foot over one month ago, go here. And then to read up on how I developed allergic dermatitis to the bandages used for compression, go here.

So now that I have you feeling sorry for me, I will extract more sympathy. After about 10 days of horrid itching that had me scratching like some dog with fleas, the dermatitis calmed down. I did go to a Farmacia here in Rome but was cautious about getting antihistamines. I can’t speak or read Italian and the chemists I’ve come across so far – well, only one spoke a tiny bit of English. The way my luck has been running, I’d take an antihistamine and end up in some Rome hospital. Ah, no thanks. But I did manage to get a cream with antihistamine properties in it so the limited-English speaking chemist said – totally useless.

After the itchy stuff abated, I then ended up with a new problem. Dry, scaly, red rough skin on the ankle to half way up the leg. Yeah, great. Means I can’t wear any of the work skirts I hauled across with me from NZ. I wear trousers every day as I’m self-conscious about the appearance of the ankle and don’t want people to think I have some infectious disease that requires me to be chucked into quarantine.

I’ve tried everything on this lizard-like skin. Nivea Natural Oil, which I bought here and am SO hoping is available in NZ cos I LURVE it. Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream – odd I know but it’s thick and moisturising, so why not? Nothing has worked. The skin keeps peeling. Obviously, the skin is repairing itself but it looks unsightly.

But the French have come to the rescue again. My work colleague, Audrey, gave me Hemoclar cream and I told you how this dramatically improved my ankle. Along with the torn ligaments, I had a hemotoma and Hemoclar cream draws out congealed blood (and this is basically what a hematoma is) and disperses it.

She mutteredĀ mon Dieu! when she saw my flaky leg and came in the next day with a small pot of thick white cream. It wasn’t Hemoclar – it had a lovely almost floral scent to it. Strict instructions to use it for at least two days. I obeyed and the redness and flakiness started to disappear.

I burst into her office and demanded to know the name of this wonderful cream. You know what it was? Lancome. Yep, Lancome’s Nutrix Royal Body, as it’s called. What the? Audrey laughed and said that I probably wouldn’t have used it if I knew it was Lancome. So she decided to make out that it was a mysterious miracle French cream.

We are going to Paris on the weekend of June 23 and 24th. You know what I’ll be buying Duty Free don’t you?!

Mysterious French cream was given to me in a small pot. Turned out to be Lancome’s Nutrix Body cream.

This was BEFORE the cream. Around the ankle area you see it’s still swollen and the skin is kind of lizard-like and flaky. Gross!