Whilst in Rome over the last two months, I have had regular Skype chats with Zeph and Zsa Zsa. I am now an authority on dogs Skyping with humans. I can confidently state that they do not recognise your face or shape on the computer screen but they most certainly do recognise your voice.

Of the two of them, Zeph is the most switched on. He stares at the screen while I tell him what a handsome young man he is. According to El Hubs, after I’ve signed off, Zeph then goes behind the computer (which stands on a glass table) to look for me. Too cute!

Zsa Zsa, however, couldn’t give a toss. She rushes into the office to get a cuddle from El Hubs and then rushes back out. I can call her and call her but she doesn’t seem to hear or respond to my voice.

I was telling Zeph the other night that it’s just one more week until I’m back home with him. But he was not impressed; he thought it was this week.

Check the look on Zeph’s face – he’s not impressed that he has to wait another week to see me.

…and turns his head away in disgust!