I was telling you yesterday about the French. Here’s something else they do well – electric car sharing schemes. The photo below shows three metallic silver electric cars that were parked in the area I was staying in (19th arrondissement). They are parked next to battery recharging stations.

The idea behind it is obviously sustainable urban transport and improving the city environment. The electric cars are part of a share scheme but I couldn’t quite understand the dude I was talking to about them. I think he was saying a person can hire the car for a year, a month, daily or hourly. The daily rate I reckon I heard was €10.

If you hire one of the cars, you can only drop it off at one of the dedicated parking spaces around Paris. I would presume there’s some sort of GPS in the cars that identify these parking spots. If I also understand the chap I was speaking to correctly, this is a public-private partnership. Some very rich Parisian has financed the cars and the infrastructure, whilst the Mayor of Paris has backed it.

I sure hope China is watching closely. Seems to me this is a very smart idea that will help reduce pollution. And for Parisians who can’t afford a car, it’s a wonderful service and avoids all the costly hiring of a car business.