There was another thing I had to do in Paris (aside from visiting Jim). I had to visit Jacqueline Singh. This is not a person but a costume jewellery brand that I love, love, love. I have a few pieces from Jacqueline Singh, the most recent being a huge ring and earrings I bought in Cape Town.

There are two Jacqueline Singh shops in Paris. I didn’t have a preference for either one; I just wanted to check out what I thought would be a far greater range of costume jewellery than I saw in South Africa. Since I was in the Saint Germain area, I dropped into the Jacqueline Singh shop in Boulevard Saint Germain. It’s actually located in a quaint arcade.

But….the shop was closed. Bollocks. I spotted one of the new collections, White Mist, in the window (photo below) and decided one of the pieces would be mine next day when the shop was open. Off I went to the Eiffel Tower instead. Not to be deterred, I was back the next day and voila! the shop was open. Sadly, the White Mist collection looked meh on me – it’s the pale skin I suppose.

As luck would have it, there was 30% off on outgoing collections. Jacqueline Singh launches two collections every year: a Spring-Summer range; and an Autumn-Winter range. Each collection only carries a certain amount of pieces, which means exclusivity. All pieces are 100% made in France and follow traditional French artisanal handicraft techniques and carry the Jacqueline Singh hallmark.

The name, Jacqueline Singh, comes from Kanwal Singh – an Indian designer who came to Paris and married a French lady, Jacqueline. He wanted to bring colour into the lives of Parisian women and launched Jacqueline Singh in 1980. At least this is the story I’ve been told. Personally, I find Jacqueline Singh pieces a curious blend of Indian-inspired, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, ethnic and vintage. The jewellery is made from semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and pearls with the stones and crystals being hand-set.

Taking my time, I checked out every single piece in the store, drooling over this and that. In the 30% off area was the most gorgeous pair of pink and green earrings (Fuchsia collection I think) so I snapped these up. And then I spotted earrings that matched the ring I bought in Cape Town and wear often. I discovered this collection is called Indian Pink and so I came out with another pair of earrings!

I could have bought heaps but (somewhat) restrained myself. I didn’t have time to visit the Jacqueline Singh showroom at 102 rue du Temple but I did feel I was at the temple, so to speak, with all the glittering and exquisite jewellery on display at the Saint Germain shop.

I now have five pieces of Jacqueline Singh jewellery – three pairs of earrings and two rings. I wear them all quite often and have so far worn the fuchsia and green earrings to work five times. The large ring from the Indian Pink collection remains my favourite though.

Bollocks!! The shop was shut when I first visited on Saturday.

But I pressed my nose up against the windows and noticed the White Mist collection.

The shop was smaller than I expected but still displayed a lot of pieces.

L-R Fuchsia and green earrings; Indian Pink ring that I already own, along with matching Indian Pink earrings. Loving the Art Deco inspired bag.

Indian Pink ring and earrings.

I’ll do a FOTD and wear these earrings so you can see them better!