So I’m back in New Zealand and suffering a bit of jet lag. Lack of energy and enthusiasm really. I think the latter is due to ongoing grey, dull, rainy days. I’ve been back four days now and each and every day has been rain, rain, rain. The paddocks are a slushy soup. The horses are hiding under the macrocarpa hedges for protection. Zeph and Zsa Zsa are getting restless staying inside.

And so what can you do on days like this but cook? El Hubs decided to cook dinner. He’s a reasonably good cook actually – needs to be since I basically burn water. Mind you, I can whip up a good cake or dessert when I set my mind to it. And after all, cakes, biscuits and desserts are so much more exciting than main meals in my humble opinion!

My step-son is staying with us for 6 weeks. He’s French and lives in Bordeaux, so El Hubs is trying to prepare dishes that will appeal to his taste. And so he decided to make a Spanish omelette full of potatoes, eggs, onions, peas and whatever else he threw in. It looked more like a pie; it was so huge. The step-son declared it to be too dry but seemed to scoff a lot of it.

One huge Spanish omelette.

The step-son declared it to be too dry and drenched his slice in olive oil.