I have proof that my horses didn’t run away whilst I was working in Rome for 2 months. See the photos below as evidence. I arrived back on Monday, July 2 – in the afternoon – and after being greeted by Zeph and Zsa Zsa, I went to see the horses. They are currently in a large paddock at the back of the property, so as I was about half way there and could see them in the paddock, I called out to them.

Rosie, Karma, Saffy and Muff were at the far end of the paddock grazing and Rosie lifted her head up when she heard her name. She then bolted all the way down the paddock to meet me at the gate. Karma, meanwhile, was too busy eating but soon realised that something was happening – so she also started bolting down the paddock with her foal, Saffy, in hot pursuit. I’m not sure they knew exactly what was happening at this point but, just as Karma neared the gate, she spotted me and neighed.

Karma was my first horse, so we have a very special bond. Saffy is her first foal (and mine!) so she’s a very spoilt young lady. Muff, who is Saffy’s father, remained at the back of the paddock for a few minutes. He’s the quiet, retiring type but slowly he started to amble down the long paddock towards the gate.

As I went into the paddock, Rosie rushed up to me and began sniffing my hair. Then she stood quietly and received hugs and cuddles. I knew I didn’t have much time because Karma and Saffy were nearing and, if there’s one thing Saffy likes, it’s hugs and cuddles. Karma nudged Rosie out of the way – hilarious really because Rosie is a big girl compared to Karma.

Saffy then pushed her mum out of the way and Muff remained standing at a distance until I noticed him. I went over. This is our usual procedure. He remains still. I go up to him, hold out my hand for him to sniff, then he accepts pats and a couple of hugs before he backs away.

I couldn’t believe how much Saffy had grown in two short months. She’ll be 7 months old on July 25 (having been a Christmas Day foal). She has grown a fluffy winter coat as have all the horses.

Rosie and I resume horse school this coming week. She’s being started by a good Kiwi mate of mine (I don’t like to use the term “broken-in”) and I’m learning to ride her horse, Snoop Dog. So I’ll need to start concentrating on horse stuff again. Forget about Rome!

Saffy, who is heading for 7 months old – the world’s sweetest foal.

L-R: Rosie, Karma (as usual she’s eating) and Muff.

Muff – Saffy’s dad. Saffy and Muff are almost mirror images of each other.

Saffy loves to lick my hand!