Zeph and Zsa Zsa love to play in the hay barn. I’m amazed at how agile they both are – they climb to the very top of the haystack, then rush and tumble back down.

The great game goes like this – Zsa Zsa climbs to the top of the haystack whilst Zeph remains at the bottom. She then barks and teases him. Zeph crouches in wait as little ZZ makes her way down, frustrated that Zeph seemingly doesn’t wish to play. As she nears him, he literally pounces on her and they begin their rough play. The play consists of running all over the hay bales, climbing to the top again and tumbling back down. They can amuse themselves for ages with this game.

Zsa Zsa begins the Pointer play by starting her climb to the top of the haystack. Zeph pretends not to be interested.

As Zsa Zsa nears the top, Zeph turns round to check her progress.

Little ZZ is now at the top and starts her play – usually barking at Zeph, tempting him to climb up.

But Zeph has his own play – he refuses to climb up and waits for Zsa Zsa to tumble down towards him. She gets frustrated that he won’t climb up, so she always creeps her way down the hay bales towards him.

Zeph gets ready…

…and pounces as Zsa Zsa tries to rush by him.

And now the rough play begins.

After all the play, Zeph likes to rest on hay bales. Looking a bit like the Sphinx!