Zeph and Zsa Zsa are starting to get to know Nugget, a horse that belongs to a Kiwi mate. Nugget is my victim horse; along with Snoop Dog who also belongs to my Kiwi friend. Both horses are endlessly patient as I learn to ride.

Zsa Zsa though needs to learn some manners around Nugget. Both dogs are now very comfortable around my horses but Nugget they probably know less than Snoop Dog (as I call him – his real name being Snoopy). Zsa Zsa was following me and Nugget around the arena as we practiced. He was pretty chilled out but I found Zsa Zsa’s proximity to Nugget’s hing legs a bit too distracting. El Hubs would call her over to be with him but she would simply make a beeline back and start trailing us again.

Maybe little ZZ is enamoured of Nugget because, as he was getting ready to get on the horse truck, Zsa Zsa snuck up the ramp and they touched noses. The briefest of kisses.