Saffy is the world’s cutest foal but is also turning out to be the world’s boldest foal. She totally surprised me the other day and almost knocked my iPhone out of my hands. Here’s what happened.

We’re in winter here in the South Island of NZ and that means Jack Frost mornings. The ground is literally frozen solid and the water troughs in all the paddocks are covered with a thick sheet of ice each morning. My task usually involves going to the paddocks and breaking the sheet of ice.

But in the large paddock where Karma and her foal, Saffy, are – along with Rosie and Muff – I didn’t have to do a thing. Saffy decided to take matters into her own hands, er hooves. Just as I was about to shatter the ice, Saffy raised one of her front hooves and smack, she smashed the ice. Then she put the other front hoof into the trough and seemed to be testing where the bottom of the trough was.

Thankfully, it’s a reasonably shallow trough because horses have very poor depth perception. A mere shadow on the ground is extremely hard for a horse to judge – is it a black hole to disappear down or is it close to the surface? And think of a rabbit out there in the paddock. A horse can’t judge the distance of that rabbit. All the horse knows is that some object moved and, being prey animals, the first instinct for the horse is to bolt.

But not my Saffy. She stood boldly in the water trough and kept testing for the bottom of the trough with her front hooves. Then she decided it was reasonably shallow and plonked her back hooves in the trough. So there she was standing in the trough with the other horses staring at her. Rosie decided to sniff the concrete side of the trough but had no intention of sticking a hoof in.

The next thing I knew, Saffy decided to walk across the trough and came clunk towards my iPhone. Obviously, she wanted to tell me what an exciting adventure she’d just had! I’d whipped out my iPhone to take some quick snaps but missed getting one of her walking across water. 🙂 She splashed drops of water all over my camera phone.

And who’s in the background watching Saffy learn to swim? Zsa Zsa!

Ok so this water business doesn’t seem too scary. Let me test how deep this trough really is.

Yeah, not so scary at all. See? I’m standing in the trough. Hmmmm…..this trough needs to be cleaned out!

I’m going to walk across this trough. Sorry…but I’m splashing water all over your iPhone. Oh…is that Zsa Zsa in the background?