The astute reader (ah, that’s YOU) will have noticed that I’m posting every other day at the moment. That’s because I’m actually on one week’s holiday – I needed this after 2 months of intense work in Rome. Whilst the step-son is visiting from France, El Hubs and I are taking the opportunity to see something of New Zealand and dragging him along with us. He’s bored with horses, goats, dogs and cows anyway.

They’ve already been to Dunedin, Invercargill, the Catlins and all the way down to Bluff. A boy’s road trip. Many years ago, I travelled around most of the North and South Island of NZ with my Dad, who was from Wellington (my mum too). This week’s holiday will be to Kaikoura to see the seals; Nelson, Hamner Springs for the thermal baths and Picton. The latter place was where my Dad wanted to retire but my mum didn’t want to return to NZ, so we all stayed in Oz. So I’ll be really interested to see Picton – all I remember of it is a wharf and mountains.

Anyway, the point of today’s post is to show you what I promised to show you – my fab pink raincoat I bought at Etam in Paris a few weeks ago. It was a bargain at 50% off and came to €34.95 or around NZ$55.00. It’s on the road with me now as we travel around.