What is Revlon up to? They’ve launched their new ColorStay 16 Hour eyeshadow palettes. Why 16 Hours? Why not 13 or 23? It’s kind of like Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation. I mean did the day gain 1 hour that I’m not aware of? Why the ridiculous 25 hours?

Anyway. Revlon have come up with the number 16 and introduced a whole range of eyeshadow quads. I was seduced by #545 Attitude because they’re my kind of neutrals and looked velvety smooth and blendable. I bought it at Coin department store in Rome but really wish I hadn’t. It’s not often that I don’t like a Revlon product but I’m afraid this is the product.

The ColorStay quads replace what I thought was a pretty good eyeshadow range – the ColorStay 12 Hour quads. My all-time fav in this range was Coffee Bean and I have a sinking feeling that the 16 Hour range means Coffee Bean is no longer. Revlon dudes: why mess with what was already working? Coffee Bean was a really great combo and of all the (millions) of eye shadows I’ve ever worn, Coffee Bean caused people to ask me “what’s your eyeshadow?”.

Attitude is very close to Coffee Bean but not close enough and nowhere near as good. The compact itself at least is reasonably sturdy. The four colours are a matte light pink; a soft shimmering mushroom; a matte rich brown; and a deep matte brown with a purple tone.

The two colours on the left hand side of the quad are the highlighter (pink) and outer V colour. These are both in slightly larger pans. I would prefer to have the soft mushroom colour (which is the base) in a larger pan though.

The eye shadows themselves – meh. They are not really pigmented, seem dry and I find them really hard to blend, particularly the two browns. The pink shade is very sheer and practically disappears. And as for the 16 hour claim, well I used my usual primer (MAC Paint Pot in Painterly), and the colours did hang in there for the day but…..the application is too difficult and I think the eye shadows simply aren’t pigmented enough.

I doubt I’ll be buying these Revlon quads again. I’ll be really pissed off if Coffee Bean is gone forever. Thankfully, I still have one left and I’ve hardly made a dent in it.

L-R: ColorStay 12 hour quad in Coffee Bean and ColorStay 16 Hour quad in Attitude.

Idiot-proof instructions on the back of the quad.