I was telling you yesterday about my quick road trip around the north of the South Island. We left Motueka (or Mot as it’s affectionately called) with the full intention of driving along State Highway 6 (or SH6) through Murchison and on into Hanmer Springs. This would have taken us around 3 hours or less in total.

We arrived in Murchison at a leisurely pace around lunchtime. Well-planned actually because we had a great lunch at a cafe I totally forgot to get the name of – but it’s opposite the Murchison Tea Rooms and has a quaint old Mac computer you can use to access the Internet. Haven’t seen one of these old Macs in years. Is it a G4? If it is, I think they came out in the late 1990s/early 200os. Vintage!

Whilst enjoying our lunch, we saw a number of official looking vehicles go by and found out that the road to Hanmer Springs was closed due to flooding. It had been raining all weekend in Nelson and Motueka and I guess Murchison copped it to. We hung around for about 30 minutes, then overheard some locals saying that it would be unlikely that the road would reopen anytime soon. We quizzed them and they advised it would be better to go back 35km and take SH63 to Blenheim, then on to Kaikoura and over to Hanmer Springs. Good idea but it took us about 5 hours of driving and we arrived in Hanmer Springs around 7.30pm. The next morning we were told the Murchison to Hanmer road was still closed, so guess we did the right thing.

I managed to get some shots to show you the powerful force of the flooding in Murchison. Whole paddocks were submerged and you could just see fence reels and tapes peeping up through the roiling water. Muddy brown water rushed under the bridge we would have crossed on our way to Hanmer Springs.

This is such an ancient Mac computer – I’m not sure of the model name or the year it was released.