I realise I have been tardy. I haven’t shown you my Italian apartment. I spent two months in this apartment in Testaccio, which is a former working class suburb of Rome. I really wanted to be located in Testaccio. I’d identified this area last year when living in Rome. Testaccio is vibrant, colourful and full of energy.

It’s about a 15 minute brisk walk to the Colosseum; 10 minutes to Circus Maximus; 7 minutes to Piramide metro station; about 5 minutes to Campo Cestio; 3 minutes to Testaccio markets (a must for anyone visiting or living in Rome); and about 3 minutes to Gastromomia E. Volpetti (a truly stunning cheese and speciality food vendor). So it was ideally located and is a typical Italian area with plenty of individual shops.

Not many people in Testaccio spoke English or at least I didn’t encounter those who could. The hairdresser I found did, sort of. And a chap at my favourite cafe, Zi Elena, did. But other than this, nah. The concierge lady for the apartment building spoke not one word of English and it was hilarious (in hindsight) trying to wrestle out of her the spare key.

The apartment was nowhere near as small as some I’d viewed. I basically viewed a lot of cat boxes and dog kennels. Not sure how the Italians can live in such small spaces. It had also been recently renovated and had a bright and breezy feel to it. The apartment was on the third floor and opposite the piazza. Being opposite the piazza – which is basically the centre of social life in Italian towns – was a slight downside because people would be yapping away loudly until after midnight or there was loud music being played.

Other than this, the apartment was perfect. I think I was the only foreigner in the building. The front door though was an issue, just like the front door in my former Italian apartment. This time though it had to do with the key not turning easily as you opened the door. I sometimes wondered if I was going to ever get in that door. What is with Italian apartments and doors?

Once inside the apartment though it was very comfortable and inviting. Although as June progressed, it was getting pretty hot and there was no airconditioning (other than opening the windows).

So for today’s post, here is the Italian apartment.

Nice comfy Queen size bed.

Entrance way and small table and chairs for breakfast/dinner.

Bathroom – quite spacious and recently renovated.

Living room. I did most of my blog posts sitting on that couch whilst in Italy.

Cute little seating area just as you enter the apartment.

Breakfast nook area.

Tiny but perfectly adequate kitchen – recently renovated.

Inside of the building. My apartment door faced towards the internal courtyard.

Coming along the corridor to my apartment, which is the door on the right. Opposite was a lovely old Italian lady who knew the former owner. She kept speaking to me in Italian and smiling away.

The lift/elevator is immediately to the left. Or you could walk along this corridor, about half way down, and take the stairs.

Going out the front door of the apartment towards the lift/elevator.

Looking down on the internal courtyard.