I normally travel Economy (aka peasant class or toilet class) but, for my two trips to Rome, I’ve been lucky to fly Business Class. And….bonus: on the flight back home, I was upgraded to First Class for one of the segments of the trip. I’ve only flown First Class once in my life.

Way back in the late 1990s, I travelled to the United States twice for an American technology company. I spoke at events and visited LA, New York, Houston, Richmond, Chicago and my favourite of all American cities, Boston. Well, Chicago is a very close second let me tell you.

It was Thanksgiving during one of the trips and the company decided to send me to London a bit ahead of time. I was due to speak at corporate events and some conferences there. I can’t remember why I was sent First Class but I flew New York to London in style. Amazing experience. But Business Class is just fine thank you.

When I travel around Asia, I don’t mind flying Economy but the journey to Rome was long and arduous. Christchurch-Sydney-Bangkok-Dubai-Rome all in one go. In about three weeks, I’m flying to Stockholm and not looking forward to the flight. I’ll be presenting the project I’ve been working on in Rome at World Water Week. The flight will be Christchurch-Singapore-Frankfurt-Copenhagen-Stockholm.

Christchurch to Singapore is around 10.5 hours, then Singapore to Frankfurt is around 12 hours. That’s already 22.5 hours and doesn’t include Frankfurt-Copenhagen-Stockholm or hanging around airports waiting for connecting flights. I’ll be flying Business Class thank God but not my favourite Emirates airline. I’ll be flying Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa. And I’ll be interested to see what the Business Class toiletry bag is like. The one from Emirates is pretty good but I was disappointed with the First Class bag.

The only difference between the Business Class and First Class bags that I can see is the colour. The First Class toiletry bag is a chocolate brown suede-like material whilst the Business Class is a white bag. Both of them contain the same items.

Basically you get: toothbrush and mini-toothpaste; tissues; mirror; scented hand wipe; Bulgari moisturisers, hand lotion and perfume; plus a very handy fold-up brush. My great Aussie mate gave me the Qantas First Class bag (Collette Dinnigan design) and I reckon it’s far better. It was stuffed with Payot products. On another leg of the Emirates’ flight, I ended up with a different style of toiletry bag that will make a great makeup bag. Same items in it though.

Wonder what the Germans and Singaporeans will give me in Business Class as I wing it to Stockholm?! I will miss the warm roasted mixed nuts in Emirates’ Business Class though.

This is the First Class toiletry bag for women.

Inside the First Class bag.

Bulgari stuff.

Different style toiletry bag in Business Class with its own protective cover. The one I received going over to Rome was exactly the same as the First Class one. Same items; different colour though.

Bulgari design and will make a great makeup bag.





Same items as the First Class bag.