New Zealanders are very fond of saying sweet as, which basically means cool or awesome. I’ve found a great cafe in Merivale that is definitely sweet as if you ask me. It’s called Sweet Kitchen and is located at Merivale Mall. Merivale and Fendalton are toffee-nosed areas of Christchurch and have wonderful shops and cafes.

El Hubs and I had a Big Day Out last weekend. This is what we call a day without Zeph and Zsa Zsa. We drop them off for puppy day care at their breeders and head into Christchurch to do a spot of shopping. The breeder’s place is on the way into Christchurch, so it’s very convenient – especially as her Pointers can go for day care on the weekend. Zeph loves to visit his mum, Vera, but Zsa Zsa isn’t always happy to go to day care. She’d much rather relax in the back seat of the car, which is her favourite spot. But it’s good for them to socialise with Pointers and other breeds.

We decided to check out Merivale Mall as we hadn’t been there since the February 2011 quake. Parts of Merivale, including Quinns (specialist ladies department store), were badly affected by liquefaction. I think the front facade of Quinns fell down actually and they then had to trade out of a shipping container. So it was great to see Quinns back up and running.

We spotted Sweet Kitchen and it looked very inviting with its pink and white-striped wallpaper. In we went and I immediately faced indecision. Sooooooooooo many yummo things to choose from. I LOVE cheesecake but rarely have it as I find cafes and bakeries sometimes turn out cheesecakes that taste rubbery. But the New York cheesecake in this cafe looked very moist and creamy. I decided to order it (NZ $8.50) and sooooooo glad I did. It was the best cheesecake I’ve had in ages and I’m planning to go back for more.

El Hubs had some sort of mini-Belgian chocolate cake. He declared it to be okay. He was then eyeing off my cheesecake, even though he declares he doesn’t like cheesecakes. He took a tiny bite and his eyes lit up. I knew I was in trouble as he’d scoff the whole cheesecake in one mouthful. Nothing for it but to tell him to back off and get his own cheesecake!