I said that I’d show you my small collection of vintage bags. I’m not sure what classifies as vintage these days. But all of my bags are from the 40s or 50s, so I guess this is vintage. One is from the 1970s and I have an Oroton handbag that has a Made In Australia label. Oroton bags are now made in China (and some other countries other than Oz) and I think I bought this bag in the early or mid-90s. Is that vintage?

Two of the bags belonged to my grandmother and mother. I use my mother’s one (from the 1940s) but only rarely. The handle is not in the greatest condition. My grandmother’s bag is also from the 40s or could be 50s and it’s crocodile. I never use it because it’s pretty worn out.

But all the other handbags I use. I’m always on the scout for vintage bags and I bought a very wearable 1970’s Italian leather bag in Rome recently. So here’s my collection.

This was my mother’s coin purse from the 1970s. I’m not sure if it’s Glomesh or Oroton.

A great bag from the 1970s. It’s typical of the 70s – a thin bag with a long shoulder strap. I can’t fit much into it but I use it.

This is an Oroton bag and was Made in Australia. Very practical and a timeless style. That’s Zsa Zsa posing with it.

Made in Australia tag inside the Oroton bag.

Fabulous beaded bag from the 1950s. Love wearing this one.

Label inside the bag says Clipper Model made by K.E.Munro Melbourne. So it’s an Aussie bag!

My grandmother’s handbag. She used it constantly. I’d say it’s 1940s.

Another Australian handbag! Label says Made By Goldseal Leathergoods (Aust) Pty. Ltd Sydney. David Jones Sydney. David Jones or DJs is a department store in Sydney.

This bag is made from 1950s fabric.

This could be 1960s but I feel it’s more 1950s. Cute little green beaded bag. Looks great with jeans as it’s more of a casual style.

This is such a fabulous bag from the 1950s. Lucite handle.

A lot of bags from the 50s had a coin purse attached to the inside and came with a pocket mirror.

This is my mother’s handbag from the 1940s. The strap on the left-hand side is a bit worn so I don’t use it too often.

Flirty little bag from the 1950s made from blue plastic beds. Even the handle is beads.