Really, the weather here over the last few weeks has been horrid. Rain, more rain, then even more rain. I know that there are many places on this planet that are suffering drought, so I shouldn’t be whingeing. We get maybe a couple of days where a weak Sun tries to poke through the clouds. But then it starts raining again.

The paddocks are totally soaked and we have swimming pools all over the property. We’ve had to move the cows three times in an effort to find them some drier spots. The horses are hiding in a large macrocarpa hedge and I’ve never seen them covered in so much mud. Mabel and her baby goats at least have a large shed to shelter in but (odd thing) they seem to like hanging out in the bad weather.

The worst part is trying to keep two very active English Pointers happy. They rush out into the rain to play. No dramas. But then rush back in with muddy paws and shivering. We plonk them by the fire, which is basically on most of the day. They conk out in front of the warm flames, then wake up and immediately want to rush out again. Apparently, there’s a rabbit in the hay barn. Great.

El Hubs and I were fed up with all the bad weather last week. We packed Zeph and Zsa Zsa into the car and they spent the day at the breeder’s, running around like mad things in wet paddocks. As a puppy, Zeph hated the rain but now he can’t wait to get all wet and muddy. Mind you, he can compete with my mad foal, Saffy, who loves nothing better than a roll in wet mud in the midst of driving rain.

So we went to Ballantynes in Christchurch where I enjoyed THE best carrot cake and chai latte. Oh…and no friggin’ rain!