More evidence, 18 months after the devastating Christchurch earthquake, of extensive damage. I am really glad we decided not to live in Christchurch itself – we very nearly did. We liked Lyttelton and Sumner and both these areas were shaken up rather violently.

Speaking of which, 18 months later, 121 poor Christchurch residents have suddenly found out they have been red-zoned. Being in the red zone means that there is significant or extensive damage or there is a high risk of further damage should there be more quakes or aftershocks. Basically, it makes any property not suitable for residential occupation.

Properties on Christchurch’s Port Hills will be bought back by the NZ Government and Christchurch City Council. But imagine the shock of finding out you’ve been red zoned 18 months after a quake. Worse, imagine finding out by reading the newspaper or hearing it from a neighbour. Apparently, emails that were sent out to the residents were not received due to an IT glitch. Oops.

I saw a lovely old Scottish-style church in Christchurch this week – damaged by the February 2011 earthquake but still standing. Its sandstone walls are propped up by huge steel girders and a sign outside the church reads: Church Shaken: Worship Services Continue and an arrow points to an entrance to the left.

In one of the photos below you can also see a red and white sticker in an arched window. These stickers are all over Christchurch buildings and show whether a building is safe to enter or not.

But it seems when it comes to God and worship, a quake might shake but the worship goes on!

A church wall is propped up by steel girders.