Splash and Jack are all grown up now. I can’t believe that Splash is expecting her own calf soon – probably late September. Jack has turned out to have something of a teddy bear face and is the sweetest boy. He acts tough but is scared of everything, including his own shadow.

With all the rain recently, Splash and Jack have been moved around the property a fair bit in our attempts to find them dry spots. They walk quietly beside us or in front and we let them stop off to eat grass. Another three cows are staying with us at the moment and they occasionally upset the balance.

I’ve learnt that cows are very gentle creatures. Very curious too. Splash was hand-raised so she is very comfortable around us. Jack a little less so despite also being hand-raised but then he’s a big tough steer.

From this angle, Splash doesn’t look like she’s expecting.

Jack has a face like a teddy bear.