One of the things I most liked about Stockholm was the dogs that were out and about. I saw heaps of people walking their dogs and, even better, taking them on public transport.

I saw breakfast dogs (or small pieces of fluff that Zeph and Zsa Zsa would eat for breakfast) popping out of handbags as their owners sat on the train. I saw dogs sitting next to their owner in restaurants and I caught a bus with a standard poodle. The grey poodle confidently led its owner onto the bus and they perched together on a seat up the back.

We were on the bus for about 30 minutes and the poodle was extremely well-behaved. It just sat there looking out the window and receiving lavish attention from the owner and other people on the bus. I was thinking of how Zeph and diva dog, Zsa Zsa, would behave on a bus. I think Zsa Zsa would basically lick everyone to death and Zeph would jump all over them. It would be dog pandemonium for sure.