One of the things I most enjoy about travelling to different countries is checking out the different food. Especially cakes and bread. Actually, this comes second. The first thing I enjoy is checking out skincare and makeup.

Stockholm was full of temptingly rich desserts, biscuits and cakes. The Swedes seem to have a penchant for chocolate (don’t we all?), so there were plenty of chocolate-coated, chocolate-dipped and chocolate-rolled balls, bars and squares. Heaven! And then there’s the bread. I do like a dark, heavy bread I must say. I’ve never seen such variety of breads as they have in Sweden.

During the whole week at the conference, they never served any desserts at the lunchtime buffet. Serious problem if you ask me. You could get a small coconut-chocolate ball thingo at the cafe next to the canteen where lunch was held but that was about it. So I did go a bit nuts when out and about in Stockholm. I think I sampled about three small chocolate balls of varying types and one chocolate cake.

Oh and I was invited to a lunch held by PepsiCo. You can see the menu below – the flavours of PepsiCo, very clever. The dark chocolate mousse with cherries and brownie was to die for. I’ve never tasted anything so scrumptious and everyone around the long table was exchanging looks of OMG. I was sooooooooo tempted to ask for another one. But it was a formal sit down lunch in the dining room of a hotel and catered for by some Swedish chef who had introduced all the courses. Hardly a setting for me to jump up and say hey, pass me another one of those yummy chocolate mousse thingos!

So today I bring you photos of the cakes, biscuits and breads I encountered during my week in Stockholm. Alas, I didn’t get a photo of the PepsiCo chocolate mousse – I was too busy scoffing it.