Only in New Zealand really. On the way into Rangiora for a spot of shopping, we had to slow down because….a herd of cows were making their way up the road towards us. Sauntering. Taking their time. Checking out the local sights and sounds.

As you do in NZ, you slow on down and allow cows or sheep to pass at their leisure. You simply can’t be in a rush. No way. And these cows decided to really take their time. The cow on the left hand side, the one turning its head and walking slightly apart from the rest of the herd – well, that cow decided to stop and do some sightseeing. Whilst the rest of the herd kept walking, this cow went off to sniff the roses.

The herd was actually following the car a local farmer was driving. He was leading the herd off somewhere. Eventually, the cow decided not to go AWOL and joined the rest of the herd. All cars could then continue on.