Where to start? Well, last week we were in Nelson. We first visited Nelson in July when the step-son was visiting from France. But we sort of whipped on through and didn’t really see much – largely because we had a 22-year old on our hands who wanted to do the whole of NZ in two days or less.

So we decided to go back and take our time. Nelson is top north-west of the South Island and it’s the sunniest place in NZ. I can’t say the city is all that flash but the surrounding area is lovely, especially Mapua, Ruby Bay and Motueka. Actually, the thing about the Nelson area is that it’s very arty crafty and has a vibrant energy about it.

I seemed to take more photos of the food we ate (which was sensational) rather than the landscape whizzing by. But what I did notice was the toilets. Yep, the public loos. I must say that NZ public toilets are far and away better than Aussie ones. They are always clean and often quite quirky. I’ve been in ones painted bright red or boasting sparkling industrial looking sinks and I’ve never visited one that has run out of loo paper or soap.

But a visit to Punakaiki on the West Coast revealed some great images in the toilets. There were three photos in the guy’s loo that were just hilarious with a capital H. And the one in the ladies’ toilet had a quote from Elizabeth Taylor that I just love. Before you ask: I waited until the guy’s loo was clear, then rushed in to take the photo with El Hubs, who told me the images were hilarious.