A bach is what New Zealanders call a holiday home or beach house. It’s usually quite small and often handed down through the generations of a family. Earlier this year, we stayed at a bach that belongs to a Kiwi mate on Lake Oahu. This bach was hand-built and was pretty rustic with its outside shower and toilet. But it was located on the shores of such an amazingly beautiful lake you tended to forget the inconveniences.

During our recent week in Nelson, we stayed at an eco-bach. It sits high on top of a mountain overlooking Motueka and Nelson and you basically need to be a mountain goat to get there. The roads leading up are unpaved and rough, so we needed a four-wheel drive. The bach is powered by hydro-electricity coming from the various streams around the mountains. But you can’t use hairdryers or microwaves since the power generated is just enough for the lights. So it was basically bad hair day every day.

The bach itself has been lovingly hand-built and it’s extremely comfortable, despite the outdoor shower and toilet. It even has an outdoor bath but it was a tad too cold to enjoy a soak under the stars. Shame. The shower was piping hot and I had a great time watching all the birds swoop by.

Behind the bach is a tiny house for a hobbit. This is such a great idea for families who might stay at the bach with small kids. There would be hours of entertainment for the kids as they search for Mr. Hobbit.

I’m sure you’ll laugh but we took our Pixie with us. We are pretty well addicted to the Nespresso machine and the great-tasting coffee. So up the mountain came our lime green Pixie.

We first stayed at this bach during July when the step-son visited us but we only stayed for two nights. And it was a bit crowded with three people. This time we really enjoyed the mountain walks and the bird life. Wood pigeons were zooming around along with Kahu (or harrier hawks).

The bedroom.

The outdoor shower.

Stunning view over Motueka and towards Nelson.

Beautiful landscaped mountain garden – great to sit at the table eating your breakfast and overlooking the stunning views.

The gorgeous bach.

Yep, sad but true – we took the Pixie.

Outdoor bath – imagine how great it would be to soak under the stars.

Stunning scenery on the way down the mountain.

The hobbit cottage.

The outdoor toilet.