During our week in Nelson (well, not really Nelson, more Motueka) we visited the Alchemy Arts Centre and Cafe in Richmond. We had a spot of lunch at the Alchemy cafe then checked out the hand-thrown ceramics. I really like pottery and have a secret passion for pottery from the 1970s. You know, like this – particularly the coffee pots.

El Hubs knows of my secret passion, so it’s not that secret! And he gets hysterical if I go remotely near anything 1970s. I’d buy a whole house decked out in decor of the 1970s – shagpile carpets; exposed brickwork; hanging baskets; handcrafted cushion covers;  yellow, orange and mustard colours; bold geometric patterns; plastic or wicker chairs. Bring it on!

For El Hubs, it’s all about minimalism and more Frank Lloyd Wright than 1970’s groove. So he was starting to hyperventilate when I spotted some bright yellow and lime pottery tableware. Had to have. Love.

I managed to spirit off with four dinner plates and one side plate. And one week later, I snapped up a tangerine-coloured coffee cup in Christchurch. El Hubs only just tolerates these additions to the household. Now, how to convince him to go 1970s, flared pants and all?!