I haven’t shown you the food that Singapore Airlines dishes up in Business Class. I try to avoid food in Economy Class (mind you, I try to avoid Economy Class itself if I can!). So when I get the opportunity to fly Business Class, I’m always interested in the dining experience, largely because Emirates is so very good at in-flight dining in Business Class and I tend to fly Emirates mostly.

To refresh your memory, I was hauled over to Stockholm to attend World Water Week and flew Christchurch-Singapore-Frankfurt-Stockholm. Quite a schlepp, particularly because of the long stop-overs in Singapore and Frankfurt airports. I wasn’t really keen to fly an airline other than Emirates because I do think they are the best. For the Singapore-Frankfurt-Stockholm route, I flew Lufthansa Business Class on their A380 airbus. It was a 12.5 hour flight and Lufthansa pales in comparison to Singapore Airlines. You can read about why I say this here.

But during the 10.5 hr flight from Christchurch direct to Singapore, I enjoyed great service and wow factor food. Normally, I make it a practice on a long haul flight of eating every other meal. You are basically sitting on your posterior for hours and hours, so you don’t really need to consume lots of calories. I also normally shun tea or coffee and just drink a ton of water in an effort to combat jet lag and fluid retention.

This grand plan was scuttled by the food Singapore Airlines dished out. Way too tempting to be missed. Let me show you what I scoffed. The only thing I missed was the fantastic warm mixed nuts that Emirates gives you with pre-dinner drinks. Oh and the mezze plate you get on the Dubai-Rome leg when flying Emirates. But Singapore Airlines made up for this when they served up absolutely delish chicken satay skewers and gourmet ice-cream with almond biscotti. Yummo!

Christchurch-Singapore lunch menu.

Dessert options.

Some dishes are exclusively created by Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar & Grill, New York.

Delicious chicken satay skewers with spicy peanut sauce – served as a Prelude.

Crap photo but this is the Starter – prosciutto with potato salad.

You can choose from a fantastic bread basket – I chose garlic bread to have with the Starter.

Main meal – seared lamb loin with jus, crushed pea with mint, leek and olive oil mashed potato.

Dessert – gourmet ice-cream with almond biscotti.

I extended myself to the cheese platter!

And finally…freshly-brewed coffee with deluxe chocolates.