Nope, I’m not about to sing Abba’s famous song. But I am going to talk money. There’s a very curious marketing campaign going on in New Zealand right now. At first, I was intrigued by it; now I’m getting mildly irritated by it.

The TV ad and unbranded billboards feature two phrases: Money is Good/Money is Bad. The TV advert is pretty good actually although no-one really understands it. It features a millionaire who was found guilty of something or other pontificating over how money is bad. I’ve tried to find it for you on YouTube but it’s not available. The anonymous advertising was hijacked by a Twitter troll who announced there would be a $10,000 money drop in central Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. Apparently, around 100 people showed up in Albert Park, Auckland to wait for money to float down from the heavens.

In Auckland this week, I spotted a huge Money is Bad billboard on the side of a building. Whilst it’s all very intriguing, I’m going to be mega-annoyed if it turns out to be some teaser campaign for a bank. Because of the air of mystery the campaign has whipped up, I’m really hoping it’s not the obvious.

So far, I’ve heard rumours that it could be BNZ (bank), Westpac (bank) or Wheedle. The latter is interesting – Wheedle is launching on October 1st and will be a rival online marketplace to TradeMe. For my American friends, TradeMe is New Zealand’s equivalent to eBay. For whatever reason, New Zealanders don’t seem to use eBay. Another rival is also launching early October – List Sell Trade – so the online marketplace space for New Zealanders is getting very interesting.

I’ll tell you who’s behind the Money is Good/Money is Bad campaign as soon as I find out.

UPDATE: I did this post a couple of days ago. Since then, it’s all been revealed. The ad is for a bank – BNZ – and they’ve released the ad on YouTube. The TV ad stopped at the 1.04 mark when you see the millionaire arrested. It’s kind of a let down really – the ad was all mysterious but it’s just a friggin’ bank and very predictable!!