Saffy, the world’s boldest and cutest foal, is now 9 months old. She is a wonderful girl but certainly has the Welsh streak of stubbornness (that’s the Welsh pony streak, not the Welsh people!). Saffy is totally at ease with humans although is somewhat wary of the farrier.

She accepts a foal halter and I’m currently schooling her with the lead rope. Then I’ll begin working with her using on-the-ground games to teach her how to reverse, come towards me, flex, move sideways, touch unfamiliar objects. So far, she seems to be unafraid of most things – I can hurl her halter around her head and she doesn’t flinch; I can drop something suddenly next to her and she stands her ground. Saffy is very affectionate too and loves nothing better than a vigorous groom whilst standing in the sun. Awesome foal!

Saffy with her mum, Karma (in background).