I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone? Zeph (or Zephilicious as we call him) turned two years old on October 7. It was just yesterday that he was a tiny puppy and we were both sitting on the couch when…the February 22, 2011 Christchurch earthquake hit. We didn’t feel the full force of it but things rattled and rolled and Zeph was one scared puppy.

He’s grown into the most delightful dog. He’s obedient and loving. And a total gentleman when it comes to Zsa Zsa’s diva antics. Every night, he likes to cuddle up next to me but little ZZ adopts a high-pitched bark and Zeph gets up and moves. I can just imagine what she’s saying in dog language: get off that couch, that human is mine and I want to sit next to her.

Zeph and ZZ’s breeder told us this week that she wants to enter Zeph in a national Pointer dog show. He’s taken out ribbons in dog shows before but I’ve not been some sort of beauty pageant mother, dragging him along to show after show. He enjoys the whole dog show thing, so whilst he enjoys it, he can go. Zsa Zsa doesn’t enjoy it, so she goes along with me to watch and cheer Zeph on.

So in November, we’ll find ourselves with all the English Pointer dog show people and Zeph will compete with his sister, Cha – let’s just hope he doesn’t have to compete against her because she’s going to be an NZ Grand Champion for sure.

Happy Birthday Zephilicious!

Zeph enjoys a Birthday bone.