As you know, dear reader, Zeph usually snoozes through my makeup tutorials. But recently, he’s begun to pay attention. Frankly, I think he’s secretly plotting to steal my makeup brushes. Even though Zeph’s just turned two years old, he’s still a big puppy at heart. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem interested in my shoes. But El Hubs has to hide all his shoes, leather or otherwise, because Zeph will zero in fast and start chewing or running off with his catch.

Zeph has a curious habit. When he’s playing with Zsa Zsa, he crouches down with his front paws extended, and looks slightly away from her. As she nears, he pounces. I suspect this is what he’s doing in the photo below. He’s pretending to listen to my makeup tutorial but really, he’s looking slightly to his right and is ready to pounce on my makeup brushes – all lovingly laid out ready to use.