After years of sharing the bathroom with El Hubs, I spat the dummy and demanded my own space. As he’s an architect, it was reasonably simple for him to remodel a room on the top storey of our house and turn it into my bathroom. Because it’s on the second storey, it’s sort of at the height of the tree canopy and also overlooks the race.

The race is a track we created for the horses. You can read all the details here but basically it encourages the horses to move as much as possible. They’re not all standing in a paddock – we created a square track that goes around five paddocks and another large paddock is opened up for them to graze. So they go out of the large paddock and hoon or walk around the square race.

I scatter their hay along the track so they are forced to move along it and hide carrots to keep them curious and stimulated. There’s some gravel along the track too so the horses rough up the hooves. And I often let them loose in the arena so they can run around like mad things and this also helps naturally trim the hooves.

So from my bathroom I often see one or two of the horses running along the track or leisurely strolling. When I looked out the other day, I saw Saffy, the foal, lying down in the middle of the track having a snooze. Miss Rosie had to walk around her as she continued on along the race.

I could only take a crap iPhone photo but you can see Saffy relaxing with Miss Rosie to the left in the photo below. It’s so relaxing to look out onto green. Green is my favourite colour. Lime or emerald green; not dark or moss green. I far prefer trees and woods to the sea. Give me a tree view any day over a sea view.

Click on the photo to enlarge for any hope of spotting Saffy and Miss Rosie!