If you own English Pointers, you know they play vigorously. There’s a lot of yapping, leaping and tussling going on. When I first heard Zeph and Zsa Zsa play together, I thought they were killing each other. LOL!

Pointer play-time usually follows breakfast and dinner. Sometimes there’s a spot of play mid-afternoon but usually it’s after their food. I guess they have extra energy from eating and, being young pups still, they prefer to burn it off.

One of their favourite places to play is in the arena, which is of course for schooling and riding of horses. But Zeph and little ZZ totally ignore this fact and they head straight for the arena to begin their vigorous exercise. Usually Zeph grabs Zsa Zsa by the neck and off they go.

Now that Zsa Zsa is a little over 18 months old, she gives Zeph a run for his money. She is an extremely fast runner. Zeph has more stamina being a male but Zsa Zsa powers the short bursts.

The horses are well-used to the Pointer Play and keep grazing – except for Saffy. She strolls over to the arena fence – whichever is nearest the dogs and stares at them. I wonder what she’s thinking? I secretly suspect she’d like to join them.

Zeph and Saffy get on extremely well so he often suspends play for two nanoseconds to go over to her. They touch noses; it’s too too cute. Zsa Zsa waits patiently and then they resume. After about five minutes of frenzied activity, Zeph and ZZ stand opposite each other and pant. They’re totally out of puff and rush off to the nearest water source.

The play begins.

And gets a little rougher.

They pause for breath.

Saffy wanders over to check out the Pointer Play.

And probably concludes that Pointer Play is…well…for the dogs.