In my spare time (when is that?), I take on volunteering work with riding for the disabled. And…I also fight for causes I believe in. Don’t panic, I’m not about to preach. But I will tell you (being the owner of five wonderful horses) that I am very much against rodeo. A lot of people attend rodeos thinking it’s good wholesome fun for the family. A good day out for all. Shades of the romantic Wild West and time-honoured cowboy traditions, where manly men can bask in the glory of their riding skills.

Yeah, well. Don’t agree and don’t support it. Nuff said. So on a petition site groups can use to promote various causes, I needed to upload some stuff and the site was down for maintenance I guess. Instead of the usual boring sorry, we’ll be back soon message, I was surprised when I saw the screen below. LOVE the Here’s a cat video you can watch in the meantime.

And look at the message below the video – very clever. Click on photo below to enlarge.