The secret garden is Zeph and Zsa Zsa’s favourite of all places. Over the last year or so, we’ve dug out a pond and put in a new bridge. The secret garden is connected via this bridge to the front garden. The dogs love to run over the bridge and through the secret garden, then out through a hole in the hedge that we cut.

The secret garden is protected from view via a large hedge but, once the dogs run through the opening in the hedge, they are out near the paddocks. The garden and surrounds provide them with endless hours of play.

For me, it’s a wonderfully peaceful area to sit in. El Hubs built a seat for me so I can take my laptop out and do blog posts or write. And the garden is full of NZ native plants and shrubs. Right now, everything is blooming and I spotted these pastel mauve beauties just near the bridge that crosses over the pond. I suspect they are native orchids but, being clueless about flowers, I’m not sure. Over to my Aussie mate, Irene, who might know.