I was talking in my last post of the secret garden and looks like faithful reader, Irene, has identified the gorgeous pastel mauve flowers – Louisiana Iris. Today, I asked Zsa Zsa to take us on a tour of the secret garden. She was a little reluctant because the garden is, well, secret. And we still haven’t finished landscaping it yet. But she agreed to show you a little bit of dog paradise.

We built the pond for the dogs (as you do) because we wanted somewhere cool for them to rush into the water during Summer. Yes, dear reader, it does get hot in the South Island. Today, in fact, is T-shirt warm weather, yeehah! And we want to attract frogs, so we’ve planted flowering and non-flowering plants and introduced mulch.

As I understand it, you need to attract the frogs by first attracting a diversity of insects that the frogs fancy. If anyone knows more about how to get frogs to cooperate with me, please leave a comment. Back in Oz, we did nothing at all to seduce frogs and they popped up all over the place in our native Aussie garden, croaking away.

Anyway. Let’s go with Zsa Zsa on a tour of the secret garden sans frogs.

Zsa Zsa crosses the bridge that leads into and out of the secret garden. Here she is coming into the front garden, just near the weeping willow and cherry blossom.

The pond we built for the dogs and to attract frogs.

We added some landscaping features around the pond.

You can just see the bench El Hubs built for me to sit and contemplate the Universe!

Zsa Zsa crosses over the bridge again on her way into the Secret Garden. You might be able to see the Louisiana Irises at the top right point of the bridge.

The pathway in the Secret Garden. Full of native NZ plants and ferns. It’s shaded and cool in the Summer.

Zsa Zsa exits the Secret Garden through a gap we opened up in the hedge that totally surrounds the garden.

The hedge that surrounds the Secret Garden.

The gap we created in the hedge. The dogs can enter through this gap or across the bridge. Me too!