Speaking of Swedish design as I was yesterday, I picked up this fantastic travelling wallet in some shop devoted to Swedish design. Usually when I travel, I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to keeping my air ticket, boarding pass and passport under control. The passport is in my handbag whilst the boarding pass is in my carry-on bag, or something like this. No documents seem to be together and I’m always fumbling about.

So when I spotted this rather sleek black and red wallet, I pounced without hesitation. It cost around NZ$25.00. It’s cleverly designed because inside are little side pockets to keep your boarding pass stub and, on the outside of the wallet, is a slot to store your boarding pass.

I used the wallet on the return flight to NZ from Sweden and it was just so easy to keep everything, including my passport and some money, contained in the one place. No last minute thought of where’s my boarding pass?