And speaking of Miss Rosie as I was yesterday, horse sleep time is around 10.00am. The girls, Karma, Saffy and Miss Rosie tend to have a snooze together. Karma stands guard whilst Miss Rosie and Saffy sit or lie down and doze. Karma is actually Alpha mare. A herd of horses is headed by an Alpha or dominant mare, also known as boss or lead mare.

In the wild, the boss mare will decide which route to take and takes the lead when the herd travels. It’s quite funny to see Karma, who’s all of about 13 hands high being Alpha mare to Miss Rosie, who’s about 16.3 hands high. But it’s not about size. It’s about who’s bossier and when it comes to bossy, that’s Karma. She’s a Welsh mountain pony and Saffy is every bit as bossy as her mum. Miss Rosie, on the other hand, is gentle and respectful.

I was going to school her the other morning but she was having a snooze in the sun. I didn’t have the heart to interrupt her so I took a photo instead. In the sunlight, you can see she has some dappling and her mane has lovely russet tones. She’s a beautiful mare and because we have such a great bond, she feels very comfortable sitting on the ground whilst I take a photo.